Smart Claw Tongs - LED Sensor

Smart Claw Tongs - LED Sensor

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Safe and painless claw trimming with this smart claw clipper.
Treat yourself and your furry friend to a stress-free nail trim. Equipped with LED sensor. This innovative claw clipper is designed to make claw trimming safe and easy for both you and your pet.

✓ Avoid pain and blood with LED light and magnifying glass
✓ Also works on black nails
✓ 2 light modes for optimal visibility
✓ Practical magnifying glass provides 5x magnification
✓ Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip

Improved visibility and precision The LED light and magnifying glass help you see all the details and avoid cutting the pulp, which can cause pain and bleeding. This makes nail trimming safer and more comfortable for both you and your pet.

Save money and time Avoid extra costs and time spent visiting the vet for claw trimming. With the smart claw clippers with LED sensor, you can easily trim your pet's claws at home and turn claw trimming into a cozy moment together.

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