Toilet basket

Toilet basket

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Looking for a 2-in-1 scratching board that entertains your cat and protects your furniture? Try Cat Scratcher. This flexible toy with its fun design, gives cats space to play in and stretch out.

Perfect for cats of all ages, a must for every cat owner.

Cats love to play, but ordinary cardboard boxes are not the ultimate solution. The Cat Scratcher is specially designed to appeal to cats' natural predatory instincts and offer them a fun and stimulating way to play for hours.

As active animals by nature, cats that are too lazy can suffer from problems such as vomiting and obesity. The Cat Scratcher can entice even the most comfortable cats into a full-body workout in just minutes.

In addition, the Cat Scratcher functions as a scratching board and can withstand the sharpest claws. You can feel safe in the knowledge that your furniture will not fall victim to their small but powerful paws.

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