Lick plate for dog & cat

Lick plate for dog & cat

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Lick mat for both dogs and cats - A versatile and engaging product

Introducing our lick mat, a must have for all pet owners who want to offer their dogs and cats a relaxing and entertaining time.

This lick mat is perfect for all situations, regardless of the dog's size, age or breed. It can also be used for cats.

The licking mat is made of 100% silicone, which makes it soft, flexible and easy to clean. It is equipped with several suction plugs on the underside, which means that it lies stably on the floor and can be attached to, for example, the floor or the kitchen cupboard.

Using the lick mat is simple:

just spread something gooey and tasty for your pet, such as pâté, liver pâté, fresh food or soaked dry pellets, and let them lick up the goodness in peace. It takes time and provides a cozy moment for your pet.

The lick mat is perfect for distracting your dog when they need to be brushed or shampooed as it keeps them busy and focused on licking the treats.

The hexagonal pattern on the mat causes the treats to get stuck in the corners, leaving your dog to work with his tongue to get everything in.

There are several benefits to letting your pet use the lick mat, such as improved oral health and breath. The licking also has a calming effect, which can be useful for frightened or stressed pets.

For a longer and cooler experience, you can freeze the lick mat with treats on it and serve the cold and frozen treat to your dog, perfect for cooling them down on hot summer days.

Even cats can appreciate slowly licking treats from this activation mat. The lick mat is dishwasher safe and should only be used under the supervision of the pet owner for safety.

Invest in a lick mat for your pets and turn their feeding and activity time into a fun and stimulating experience.

The material: 100% silicone

Product size: 17.5 cm

temperature resistance: -40 to +240 degrees

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