Chew toy for dog

Chew toy for dog

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As many as 80% of dogs suffer from oral health problems by the age of 3. Your dog's oral hygiene is vital to its well-being. Remember to regularly check your dog's mouth! Dental and oral health problems are common in dogs and can be difficult to detect.

Signs that something is wrong in the dog's mouth

  • Takes a long time to eat or has a reduced appetite
  • Swallows food without chewing or chews only on one side
  • Does not want to eat dry food/hard food/chew bone/sweets
  • Bad breath and drooling
  • Scratches around the mouth, rubs the jaw against the floor or furniture
  • Chattering teeth
  • Tooth fracture

In order to prevent dental problems and maintain good oral hygiene, it is important, in addition to annual veterinary visits, to help your dog actively take care of its oral health. Our chew toy is the unique 2-in-1 solution that allows the dog to take control of its own dental health every day.

Say goodbye to bad breath

A hot tip is to use the 2-in-1 chew toy together with toothpaste, which helps keep the dog's teeth clean. The dog will love the toy even more when combined with tasty toothpaste. This strengthens the mouth's natural defenses and counteracts problems such as gum infections, plaque and tartar.


Material: Rubber


Size M [size: 126mm * 125mm]

Size L [size: 156mm * 155mm]

Color: green, pink, blue, turquoise, transparent

Package Contents:

1x chew toy

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